“Working a Ministry in Dentistry”

As I thought on this title “Women who make a difference,” I first wanted to thank God for allowing me to be a usable vessel. It is only through the power God gives that I can serve to make a difference. As a mentor, recently a young lady asked me how she could “make a difference in this world.” My response was, “Take YOUR next step.” I told her a little about my journey to encourage her and I pray that it will also encourage you.

As private Wendi Wardlaw, I enlisted the lowest ranking soldier in the US Army, seeking opportunity and to finish college. In the Army Dental Corps, we began the day at 4:30am for physical training (PT) and finished from 5-6pm, assuming nothing additional was required. Throughout my 10 years of active duty, I attended undergraduate evening classes. Yes, 10 years is a very long time if you compare it to most who complete an undergraduate in 4. Evening classes began at 7- 7:30 and ended 9:30-10:00pm. As I look back now, I realize that today would still be a day, whether I invested 10 years, 4 years or no years. The answer to making a difference is in your next step. If I looked at the big picture I would’ve been discouraged, but because I focused on my next step, I arrived and whether I’m late is up for debate LOL. Stop looking at your mountain and focus on your next step.

“All of your steps count.”

While serving in the Army Dental Corps, God was growing the tools I would certainly need today as a missionary and dental practice owner. Having worked in all sides of dentistry, the assistant, the hygienist, the office manager and now the dentist. I served as an operating room technician, EMT and trained in emergency field medicine. God was preparing the missionary and growing my passion for dentistry.  God gives us passions in our gifts so if you are looking for your destiny, look for your gifts. Inside your gifts, you will find your passions and taking your next step in your passions is how you find your destiny. These steps allowed me to survive the 2008 recession as a startup business and has formed the different layers of Dr. Wendi Wardlaw that exist today. Remember all your steps, the good and the bad, All of your steps count!”

There was only 1 month between 10 years in the Army and a full time dental student at the prestigious Howard University College of Dentistry.  Calling the cafeteria, a “mess hall” more times than I wanted, the transition was challenging but I was taking my next step. After 2 years of externship at Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery, I continued to post graduate completing my Advance Education in General and Cosmetic Dentistry with a focus on accessing the underserved for care.

I moved to Florida and opened Stoneybrook Dental that specializes in CARE with state-of-the-art dentistry like CEREC one-visit Ceramic crowns.  I structured my nonprofit, Inspired Purpose, Inc; the vehicle God allows me to serve through in greater Orlando and abroad.

Today I am a dentist, an entrepreneur and business owner of a top rated dental practice, Stoneybrook Dental.  A missionary with a nonprofit, Inspired Purpose, Inc. serving in Albania, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Haiti, Jamaica, Nigeria, South Africa to start.  I am DrWendiDDS, 6 days a week on the syndicated, Liz Black Show with “A Healthy Mouth is a Healthy You.” This segment reaches 35 cities and in over 100 countries around the world. I am a mentor, a teacher and certified speaker and life coach.

So far in 2017, Inspired Purpose/Stoneybrook Dental has served on mission in Chantal, Haiti. In Chantal like most of Haiti’s southern cities, the need is so great being hit by both the earthquake and the hurricane. We have also supported, One race; Human race: Feed 200 homeless, free dental days and local heath fairs.

My next step,

I am honored to soon be joining the faculty at Howard University College of Dentistry.  I am excited to help the next generation of servant leaders learn, develop and grow into compassionate practitioners working in excellence.

Inspired Purpose is preparing for our 2nd Annual Missions Benefit Concert.  Everyone can’t go abroad but everyone can help. Please help us help others at Inspired Purpose.Org and support missions at home and abroad.

Inspired Purpose will be headed to Ghana, Africa on a dental missionary trip Aug 2017. We hope to bring several Dental students with us and will be serving in many schools, orphanages and clinics.

Where is your next step you may ask…I promise you, you know. You may not know how to cross your mountain but you do know how to take your next step. Look in your gifts, there you will find your passions and your next step, take it right there.   


Dr. Wendi Wardlaw is just taking her next step and giving God all the glory. Be healthy and Be Blessed! 2nd Cor 9:8

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