Neurosurgeon-Spine Surgeon

Fanor Saavedra-Pozo, M.D., FAANS, is a highly skilled and board-certified neurosurgeon specializing in disorders and injuries of the spine, spinal cord. He practices at the Orlando Health Neuroscience Institute, providing expert spinal care to patients facing painful, complex, and life-threatening conditions.

With extensive experience in the field, Dr. Saavedra-Pozo has earned recognition for his remarkable achievements. He recently celebrated a significant milestone, completing his 100th robotic spine surgery at Orlando Health — Health Central Hospital in Ocoee, Florida, as reported by the Orange Observer on May 5. Utilizing the ExcelsiusGPS robot, he performs different types of lumbar and thoracic procedures, as well as addressing trauma and degenerative spinal conditions. The robot’s advanced technology enables Dr. Saavedra-Pozo to make smaller incisions, leading to reduced pain and shorter recovery times for his patients.

Dr. Saavedra-Pozo understands that each patient is unique and tailors his treatment approach accordingly. He begins with a comprehensive evaluation, often exploring non-surgical options like physical therapy, prescription medication management, and injections. Should these methods prove insufficient, surgical intervention may be recommended. The minimally invasive surgery performed by Dr. Saavedra-Pozo employs precision robotics and involves small incisions, ensuring targeted and effective treatment. Patients who undergo these procedures typically experience less pain and a faster recovery.

His expertise extends to treating various conditions, including spine degenerative disc disease, herniated discs (cervical, thoracic, lumbar), vertebral spine tumors, spinal cord tumors, spinal fractures, spinal stenosis, neurogenic claudication, myelopathy, radiculopathy, and spondylolisthesis.

Dr. Saavedra-Pozo completed his residency in neurological surgery at the University of Puerto Rico in San Juan. To further refine his skills, he completed a fellowship in complex and minimally invasive spine surgery at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio.

Apart from his outstanding qualifications, Dr. Saavedra-Pozo is a fellow of the American College of Neurological Surgeons and an active member of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons. During his neurosurgical residency, he received recognition from the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society. Dr. Saavedra-Pozo has also coauthored multiple book chapters in renowned textbooks of neurosurgical literature and has contributed to over a dozen peer-reviewed journals. His expertise is highly regarded, leading him to present frequently at national and international conferences.

As a compassionate and dedicated neurosurgeon, Dr. Saavedra-Pozo is committed to providing exceptional care and helping his patients find relief and improved quality of life. Through his advanced skills, state-of-the-art technology, and patient-centered approach, he ensures that each individual receives the best possible treatment for their spinal condition.

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