By Omayra La Bella

The month of June brings with it warm weather and the excitement of starting off the summer season. In Florida, everyone heads outside to enjoy outdoor activities. Whether you choose to spend the day at the beach, at a ball game, a theme park, or engaging in other outdoor activities, we must always remember the importance of staying adequately hydrated as we enjoy the warm summer days. 

Hydration is always crucial, especially in Florida, but it is most crucial during hot and muggy weather, since sweating causes us to lose body fluids. Due to the body’s high-water content (more than 60%), dehydration poses a hazard to human health. Our bodies are at serious risk when body fluid levels drop. When the body does not replenish lost body fluids as quickly as they are depleted, dehydration results. The cells in our bodies require water to function normally. However, significant amounts of water and electrolytes can be lost through perspiration, emphasizing the significance of staying hydrated throughout the scorching summer months. Dehydration can be alleviated by drinking water, but your body may still need other nutrients to be well hydrated. IV Therapy is one of my favorite trends within the health and wellness sector right now.

Fluids or vitamins are administered intravenously (IV), often known as intravenous therapy. It is the quickest way to get fluids like blood, vitamins, and drugs straight into your circulatory system. One of the most beneficial health procedures is IV Therapy, because it replenishes your body instantly. It leads to an increase in energy levels, it delays the effects of aging, enhances muscle repair, and improves stamina with hydration and nutrients.

IV Hydration Therapy, which infuses vital vitamins and minerals into your circulation to aid in restoring your body’s water-electrolyte balance, is highly recommended throughout the summer months. IV Hydration Therapy is a straightforward procedure that involves inserting a tiny IV into your arm to administer fluids directly into your bloodstream. Vitamins, electrolytes,

antioxidants and more.

The effects of intravenous fluids differ from patient to patient and can rely on several varying factors. For instance, I start to feel the effects 45 minutes to four hours after receiving IV Therapy for hydration or to treat a hangover. When I receive IV Infusion Therapy, I feel the difference between two to four weeks after treatment A must need when my goal is to increase my energy levels.

IV Therapies, such as the trending and highly recommended Vitamin Infusion Therapy, can help a wide range of people, whether they are athletes, young people, or old. These infusions enhance long and healthy lives and general

overall wellness.

Wellness clinics may create and tailor IV Drips to your unique needs and preferences, while offering several IV Vitamin Therapy combinations, which can help you feel better and rejuvenate your health to raise your quality of life!

IV vitamin treatments are beneficial for everyone. If you are like me and want to increase your energy and immune system, improve your athletic performance, recover faster from a hangover or food poisoning, improve your skincare regimen, or speed up your weight loss journey, given the variety of

vitamins and supplement IV mixtures that are available, IV Therapy can provide several advantages for health and wellness, including but not limited to:

Promoting faster weight loss

Curing hangover symptoms

Cleansing your body of toxins

Increasing your energy levels

Promoting better cardiovascular health

Easing anxiety and promoting relaxation

Improving your immunity

Boosting energy levels

Improving depression systems

Reducing migraine symptoms

Improving cognitive function
    and mental clarity

Combating fatigue

Slowing the aging process

Strengthening nails, hair, eyes, and skin

Brightening the skin

Improving blemishes

Anti – Aging

When scheduling for an IV Therapy treatment, keep the following in mind:

It is advised that you discuss IV Therapy with your primary care physician if you have a specific medical problem to decide whether it is right for you.

Always check to see if the medical professional administering your

IV Therapy is licensed and informed about all your medical issues.

Prior to scheduling an appointment, it is crucial that you research the wellness center. Before approving you for the treatment, the licensed clinic should have a full medical evaluation already in place.

Your medical history, current medications, and food allergies must be disclosed to the clinic before they can reject or appoint you.

There should never be a sense of urgency, and the nurse should always explain what is being done to you throughout the treatment


For the past few years, I have been receiving my IV Therapy treatments at a place close to the downtown Orlando area known as, “Drip Vibe Infusions.” Just tell them your symptoms or needs, and they right away know exactly what IV Therapy you need.

My favorite IV Therapy’s which I highly recommend are: The Women’s Health, Anti-Aging, Immunity Boost, Athletic Recovery and Anti-Anxiety Stress Relief. At “Drip Vibe Infusions,” you will receive any treatment you may need to leave your body feeling rejuvenated at the end, make sure to ask for nurse Valerie or nurse Tara.