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“Make the right choice, call First Choice Law!” As founder and managing partner, that is what Jason Recksiedler, Esq. wants people to remember. 

In Practice for over 25 years, he is and has been respected for his honesty, integrity, and ability as a trial lawyer.  “When I decided to go to Law School, it was because my grandfather was hit by a drunk driver and sustained injury.  The insurance adjuster told him the value of his case wasn’t worth much because of his age.  The adjuster had no idea how active my grandfather was before the crash.  He could outwork and out hustle men 30 years his junior.  That’s when I decided I never wanted any other family to put up with that attitude and disrespect.   Being injured is personal. I was determined to help people at that point.”  

Just over two years ago, just months before the pandemic, Jason Recksiedler decided, along with his Partner Caroline Fischer Espi, to leave the partnership of a much larger firm and start a true Personal Injury boutique firm named First Choice Law.  “We give people, truly, personalized attention.  Large firms have so much overhead and so much internal bureaucracy, many of them have quotas and that to me is a problem.  If your lawyer is only wanting to settle your case to make quota and move on to the next one, they are not providing you the best service possible.”  Jason Recksiedler follows up on this philosophy, “we have great staff but we don’t hide behind them.  I tell every client they have full access to us as their lawyers, no excuses; after all, they are hiring the lawyer not the paralegal!”

Jason Recksiedler is a Florida Bar Board Certified Civil Jury Trial Expert.  “Lots of attorneys call themselves ‘injury experts’, that is not a distinction recognized by the Florida Bar.”  Only about 2% of all lawyers are recognized as a Civil Jury Trial Expert by the Florida Bar.  He has also settled and tried many catastrophic injury cases, including many for millions of dollars.  “ I have been lead counsel on cases involving death, paralysis, and life altering injuries of all kinds.  I engage in serious litigation cases all over the state and country.  No case is too big or too small. Getting me involved early as your lawyer, helps protect the rights of the family and secure evidence of the case.” 

First Choice Law and Jason Recksiedler represent those injured in car and truck crashes, slip and falls and other injury causing events.  If you need a personal injury attorney who will fight tirelessly for the best result, contact Jason Recksiedler at First Choice Law.