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The Realty Doctors

Jean Gillen has been a Realtor since 1979 and specializes in Investment Real Estate. This type of real estate has made more people millionaires than any other investment vehicle.   “Brick & Mortar is not only for large investors”, says Gillen, who consistently sells over 200 units a year.  “37% of all US residents rent where they live.  Of that, Mom and Pop investors account for more than a whopping 34% of the ownership.  Many investors are just not educated on the advantages of buying and renting both single family and multi-family homes.”  says Gillen.

Jean spends a lot of time speaking though out the country and internationally explaining the benefits ownership of rental real estate. Teaming up with multiple trusted builders throughout Central Florida helps to maintain her inventory to satisfy her investors’ demand.  Gillen hopes to increase her “units sold” to over 400 in 2020 by partnering with more builders and developers in the Central Florida area.

Gillen has 2 sons in related businesses. Tom Weclew, who owns and operates The Realty Medics, one of the largest residential property management companies in Central Florida.  And Steve Weclew, CFO of an HOA company with over 35,000 doors under management who has now expanded into Solar projects. 

Gillen prides herself on being creative, and specializes in finding opportunities that most Realtors have never heard of.  Jean is part of many investment groups and has been interviewed by the best in the industry! This coming year Opportunity Zones, single family residences, and quads (4 unit buildings) will  be her focus- not to mention teaching investors about bonus depreciation! 

Gillen says “It is very exciting and extremely rewarding to help an investor.  Whether it be their 1st or their 100th investment.   

FREE ADVICE: Buy 10 houses – finance them- first 10 loans are Fannie Mae (single family, duplexes, triplexes, or quads).  Leverage with loans – hold them long term- let the renters pay them off for you – Instant retirement!