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We had the opportunity  to meet with Mr. Pineyro and ask him a couple of questions about his firm, personal projects and future goals.

OSM: To what do you attribute your firm’s success to?

JP: The people and process. We have hired great people.  When you do not, we find ourselves making excuses to clients.  That is not acceptable.  We recently parted ways with a lawyer that was not an honest person, and did not reflect the values we espouse. After the change, we found an immediate difference in our culture and clients were coming back. It is amazing the difference it makes when everyone is in sync and working toward a common goal. There is no “I” in team.

OSM: What sets your firm apart from other injury law firms?

JP: We care about our clients. Our results are more than numbers to parade around on billboards and commercials.  We prefer to get great feedback, and repeat business from our clients privately. We value that relationship and prefer to avoid using them as advertisement bait like so many law firms do today. A happy client always generates you more business simply through word of mouth. 

OSM: I know you’re an aviator. How has that helped what you do?

JP: I love flying and try to prepare properly before each flight. This is the same when practicing law. You try to prepare your clients and their cases for the worst case scenario. If you can do this, the results are generally good.  In flying and law we are always trying to stay a few steps ahead.

OSM: Can you talk about your philanthropic work?

JP: I am so proud of the work we do through the Pineyro Education Foundation. We have changed lives locally though scholarships for kids interested in science, math and aviation. It is a way I give back. I have spent time with amazing people and you can usually tell very quickly where someone’s heart is in life. I prefer to give than take. It is what makes me who I am today. I spend many hours as a Board Member with Mercy Flight (formerly Angel Flight), Veterans Air Command and Challenge Air (served as a Board Member for many years).

I have also volunteered many hours over the past few years building homes through Habitat for Humanity in Orlando. It is a special organization that allows me to put my experiences in real estate to good use. My company, Surgent Capital, a Real Estate Private Equity company is focused on large multi-family investments in Florida and Texas. 

I also give back through my other company, ILUM, by offering free advertising to charities looking to promote kid-friendly fund raising activities. My advertising company has been very successful and has allowed me to work alongside my brother who runs day-to-day operations. I am very proud of this company because we created it from nothing to what is is today. 

My wife and two kids have seen the work the various organizations do and I think I have set a good example for them to follow and serve. We are focused on giving back as a family.

OSM: What do you have coming up in 2020? I see you own a few other businesses.

JP: Looking forward to 2020, as we continue to grow our law firm which is up to 3 locations, and focus on making sure our clients are served the way I would want to be if I were injured. 

I will also increase our real estate investments as opportunities present themselves now that we are near the end of the typical real estate cycle.  And I hope to add to the marketing company fleet as I think we can grow that  as well. 

Most important, I want to enjoy everyday with my family. It has been the rock in my life and has kept me focused on being a better person.  In the end, my family and faith is what I value the most.