“When you have done all you can, we are here to help.” Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy


Attorney Paul L. Urich has exclusively practices bankruptcy law from his near downtown office. For over 21 years and over 6,800 cases, Paul L. Urich has helped clients navigate the bankruptcy process.

As Bankruptcy encompasses so many areas of the law and the client’s life Mr. Urich prefers to meet with clients for a free consultation in person to go over their entire situation. What may not seem like a major issue can have a major impact on the bankruptcy. By the same token, some client concerns will not have any detrimental effect on the bankruptcy. The key is to take the time and ask the right questions and answer the client’s question so everyone is on the same page.

Communication does not stop after the consultation or even the filing. Paul L. Urich responds to the clients phone calls and emails as this way both clients and attorney know what is happening in the client’s bankruptcy case. Once a client always a client, Paul L. Urich routinely has clients from the past call with questions or request items from the bankruptcy court file and those items can be sent to the client or the mortgage underwriter or a collection agency needing information.

Bankruptcy is not an easy decision to make. The worst step to undertake is the realization that it is necessary to file bankruptcy as the client’s budget can no longer support the servicing of their debt. The next uncomfortable task is to actually call and set an appointment and to meet with the attorney. In 21 years, Paul L. Urich has not many people who enjoy going bankrupt, it is a difficult decision, but bankruptcy can offer a fresh start. Mr. Urich will consult with the client to review their entire situation to be sure bankruptcy is the best choice.

Part of the bankruptcy process is the Trustee Meeting. Mr. Urich is familiar with all the trustee’s and helps the client to get all the requested documents and works with the client to be sure the petition is accurate and answers the Trustee’s concerns. This is to insure that the bankruptcy goes as smoothly and quickly as possible. A little extra effort prior to filing can save work for the client, the attorney and the Trustee. Each trustee has their own areas of concern. Mr. Urich will go over any concerns or questions that a trustee may have regarding a client’s case.

Mr. Urich graduated from St. Cloud State University with a interdepartmental degree with Speech Communication and Business. Mr. Urich received his law degree from St. Thomas University and is licensed in Florida State Courts and the U.S. Middle District of Florida