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Criminal Defense Attorney

People come to see me on what is usually the hardest day of their life.  Maybe they made a bad decision, had an emotional falling out with a loved one that resulted in violence, or had to act in self-defense. Perhaps they’re battling mental illness, trauma and/or addiction. If you find yourself in a similar situation, it truly is a privilege to stand by your side and advocate on your behalf to address your immediate needs and work on long-term solutions.

Most people do not realize what criminal defense attorneys actually do.  We really do want our clients to be found not guilty. In order to accomplish this, we thoroughly investigate, ensure that evidence favorable to you is disclosed, confront your accuser, protect you from being overcharged, and explain your circumstances to prevent misunderstandings or prejudices.  I also assist clients in finding other resources to ensure that this is not a repeat issue.

Too often criminal charges are made in the heat of the moment and are often based on assumptions, presumptions and even false information.  Defendants have the right to be heard. I will not allow a prosecution to be based on gossip, hearsay or on a one-sided story. It is essential to ensure a person is not treated cruelly or unusually just because they are the accused.  Litigating before judges and juries is the greatest protection that I know to preserve our freedoms and secure ourselves against abuses of power.

To protect these values and in an effort to perfect my craft, I created the first mediation program for probate in Baltimore City, I interned for the Maryland Legislature, and have worked under a trial judge and appellate court judge, and am a former prosecutor.  I graduated from the University of Baltimore School of Law in 2006, then joined my family here in Central Florida who’ve been practicing law since 1977.

I became a member of the Florida Bar in 2007, was awarded prosecutor of the year from Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, and chaired the Orange County Bar Association Criminal Law Section.  As a former prosecutor, I’ve trained law enforcement on how to effectively testify, and can anticipate all aspects of a case that may be built against you. Many of my former clients have expressed their satisfaction on Google and AVVO. 

While I hope you or your loved ones never need my services I look forward to serving you if the need arises.