Neuromuscular Medicine Director

Dr. Niva (Nivedita Uberoi Jerath) has been frequently featured in Orlando Style. She is a neuromuscular director in Orlando and is honored to be selected as an elite doctor. Her passion for her patients is reflected in her mission—to support, connect, and celebrate her patients. She wants to modernize and transform the field of neuromuscular medicine. She trained at Harvard University, Mayo Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital/Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School and the University of Iowa. The neuromuscular medicine program in Orlando has multiple national recognitions, advances clinical research, and participates in international clinical trials.

Recently she has written a book called “Billion Dollar Mind” with her world-famous superstar tennis coach Rick Macci. This book is to help patients as well as the world strengthen their mind to face life’s challenges. The mind is the window to our own world and our thoughts dictate our success and failure. In this focused book, Dr. Niva uses her knowledge of basic neurology and the function of the mind to help structure the key principles. The book is intended to be a treasure and to transform lives. The book editor described it as “very encouraging, and it feels a bit ‘law of attraction’ and yet in a highly practical way–a helpful and concrete way to approach life with new understanding!” The authors hope that readers all over the world appreciate this book.

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