Legacy Family Medicine and HardyHealth

The proverbial question of what came first, “the chicken or the egg” can be applied to Legacy Family Medicine and HardyHealth.

Legacy Family Medicine and HardyHealth were established to promulgate the long tradition of health and vitality the Hardy Family has enjoyed since the 12th century.

Originally from Normandy, France in the 12th century, they immigrated to the Jersey Islands and then settled in Devon England in the 14th century. 

The fundamental pillars of clean dietary habits, abstinence from tobacco and alcohol, daily exercise and quality sleep allowed the Hardy Family to reach over 100 years of age since the 1800’s. 

Legacy Family Medicine was established in 2010 to utilize educational and lifestyle strategies for overall health improvement. Dr. Hardy and his staff have been successful in guiding patients to better health and often reduction/and or elimination of pharmaceutical medications. 

Hardy Health opened in 2013 and offers procedures and services to assist our patients. The Trigger Point and Joint Injection Program with Traumeel (homeopathic injectable) and Hyaluronic acid (Supartz) has helped literally thousands of patients to maintain their mobility and choices of activity level with reduced pain.

Medical Cannabis Certifications have been offered at Hardy Health since early 2017. Our certification process includes explaining the benefits of the Endocannabinoid System and how it interacts with the body and the nervous system. Qualified conditions and comparable conditions are certified with an individualistic approach with careful consideration of past medical problems and medications used and specific guidance on the various routes of administration with benefits and risks. 

We welcome new patients to our practice and are excited to share in your journey towards “Better Living through Better Health!.”

Location: 11602 Lake Underhill Rd., Suite 119-118, Orlando, FL 32825 Phone: 407-781-1000, 407-985-4565 Website: legacyfm.com