Neuromuscular Director

Dr. Nivedita (Niva) Uberoi Jerath is a Director of Neuromuscular Medicine in Orlando. The neuromuscular clinic has received national recognitions from the Muscular Dystrophy Association, ALS Association, Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation, American Association of Electrodiagnostic Medicine, and the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America. She is the principal investigator of clinical trials for ALS, SMA, and CMT. She has studied at Harvard (for undergraduate and for neurology residency), Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, and the University of Iowa for her neuromuscular and clinical neurophysiology fellowships.

In this edition, she would like to emphasize the importance of knowledge. She credits her love for knowledge and reading to her parents, Dr. Veena and Mr. Man Mohan Jerath. She remembers as a child, she was allowed to buy only books, not toys. Opening up books would be her main entertainment during the hot summer days while growing up in Georgia. Her mom would tell her how listening to silence can be very peaceful and productive. 

Dr. Jerath spent countless hours in the library as she felt that mastering medical knowledge was her duty. At times, knowledge and learning can be a dynamic process. Dr. Jerath investigates detailed histories and finds solutions alongside the patient. Completely understanding a patient’s problem is essential to diagnosing the most challenging neuromuscular case. 

As more cures for medicine are being discovered, the fundamentals of knowledge, understanding, curiosity, listening, thinking, and innovation are of utmost importance. A little extra knowledge could make all the difference between finding a challenging diagnosis, coming up with the perfect treatment plan, or saving someone’s life. 

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