The colors we wear can either make or break the vibrancy of our skin. When it comes to makeup, we should match our lip shade the same as we would match foundation or face powder. Once you understand your own skin, you will know the hues that work best for you. The first step in defining your skin tone is by determining the undertones of your skin. The best way of recognizing your undertone is by looking at the veins in your wrist. If they appear to be blue or purple, you have cool undertones. Cool undertones call for lipstick colors that have deep blu-ish shades. So instead of an orangey red, you would go for deep, purple-tinted red. Also, dusty purple and berry shades compliment your skin! If your veins are slightly more green, you have warm undertones. Vibrant colors are your friend! You can go for an orangey shade or bright red! Peachy-pink shades are also a match for you. If your veins seem to be a mixture of these colors, then you might have neutral undertones. Neutral undertones basically just means you’ve been blessed with the ability to rock basically any shade of red. Orangey reds, pink-reds, berry-reds, wine red. My best advice to anybody with a neutral skin tone is to rock the everlasting classic Marilyn Monroe red…just because you can!