Tips for making it a smooth holiday getaway

Traveling for the holidays is a gift. Even though bringing our parents and siblings is enjoyable, taking along our four-legged family member can be a dream come true. Yes, puppies!

Successful flight travels with pets requires patience, planning, and flexibility, but if you do it right, vacationing with your furry friend can be an amazing bonding opportunity.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you and your best buddy prepare for a smooth trip:

Check, check, check:

Airlines have strict regulations when it comes to the size of pet carriers. Each airline varies slightly but most require the carrier to be between 16 or 19 inches long and about 10 inches tall. They must be able to fit underneath the seat in front of you. If you have a slightly bigger dog, make sure to check kennel requirements if he’ll be going through as checked baggage.

Also, confirm your dog feels comfortable in its crate. As humans, we love to feel cozy and pleasantly relaxed when we travel so why not provide that same experience to our pets? Double-check your dog has a little bit of wiggle room in the carrier. If you have a bigger pet, throw in a chew toy so he’s entertained.

Make sure your animal is healthy. Some airlines will refuse to accept pets as checked baggage if their health is in question or will be jeopardized by certain flight conditions.

Be prepared for the plane’s weather conditions. Some planes have floor air conditioners so your puppy might get cold. Be sure to dress them up with clothes or add extra blankets for warmth.

Pack a bag for your puppy:

Don’t forget puppies are small humans too. Separate their items from yours to make them easier to access. It’s important to pack all of the necessary such as food, water, bowls, and shampoos but don’t forget other items you may need to include:

• Medications
• Flea comb
• Tick remover
• Poop bags
• Brush
• Mosquito and Insect Repellent

With packing, also comes potty materials. It’s always better to travel over prepared than underprepared. Regardless of how potty-trained your pet is, accidents can happen. Line up your pup’s carrier with a DryFur pad. If he needs to pee, carry him into the restroom with a wee wee pad.

Lessen the Barking:

With dogs also comes attention-seeking. Dogs are experts at doing everything it takes to avoid being ignored. Flying with your pet can most definitely mean cries and puppy dog eyes.

If your little buddy is an anxious airplane flyer and likes to bark, talk to the veterinarian. A helpful tip is to chat about possible anti-anxiety medications you could give to your pet before boarding.

Before going to the airport, tire out your dog by taking him on a jog or playing fetch. Your pet will be less likely to feel antsy on the flight if he is worn out. He will also embrace nap time!