The best way to say goodbye to the Orlando heat is to rekindle you and your pup’s love for outdoor festivities. Fall is the perfect time for the outdoor play time your pup had to sit out during the hot summer months. Here are five activities that you and your little one can finally enjoy in the crisp, new weather.

Take a hike:

Hiking in the summer is rough in the summer sun for the both of you. However, as it cools down, hiking is finally looking like an enjoyable bonding activity for you and your dog. Even though the weather’s cooler, it’s always good to be prepared to explore the woods. Be sure to pack bug repellant, treats, and plenty of water!

Doggy beaches:

Sand heats up in the summer and isn’t healthy for your dog’s little paws. Cooler weather brings the perfect temperature for beach days for you and your dog. Not too hot, not too cold, this comfortable weather needs to bring you to Lake Baldwin Park. Lake Baldwin Park is 23 acres of dog-friendly fun including a dog beach, pavilions, and picnic tables on the lake.

Dog parks:

Dog parks are perfect for social dogs, and you may even make a few friends too! Downtown Orlando’s first dog park, located in Constitution Green, is the perfect field trip for urban pups. This dog park has amazing views of Orlando’s historic oak tree and plentiful benches to sit and watch your puppy run free safely. There’s even a watering station for when your wild one needs a break.

Camp or Glamp:

Fall is the ideal time for camping. There’s nothing dogs love more than exploring, so camping is the perfect adventure to try out together. Enjoy the natural scenery by waking up to the fall leaves and crisp air. If you’re not too fond of sharing a tent with your pup, renting a cabin or an RV is the perfect way to glamp while still experiencing the beauty of fall.

Go for a drive:

The easiest and most accessible way for you and your pup to revel in this new weather is to go for a drive, with the windows down, of course. You’ll never see pups happier than when they’re sticking their heads and tongues outside of car windows. Turn on your favorite music and get to cruising through the refreshing autumn air with your best friend!