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Dr. Edwards – better known as ‘Dr. Chip’ or ‘Chip’ by his patients – has been serving the Greater Central Florida area as a general dentist for 40 years. In an age of many corporate-run dental offices, Dr. Edwards is known as a more traditional and personalized dentist. In his years of practice, he has had the opportunity and privilege to bestow treatment for multigenerational families. He enjoys seeing kids grow up to become adults and then have their own kids.

His love for his patients and his family-oriented nature align with both his professional and personal life philosophy. His most rewarding passion is getting to know each of his patients and helping them with creative ways to solve their problems with their daily life issues. This coincides with his common goal to always do the right thing in every situation. He says, “Every person is different. Every situation is different.”

In an environment that is often stressful for patients, his strive for consistency and being genuine, flows over into his team. Most of his team have worked alongside him for over 15 years. This has built a dynamic of trust and familiarity that patients have come to know and respect about his office. In 2002, his wife Karri, came to the practice and they began running the office side by side in 2004.

Dr. Edwards was born in Orlando and graduated from Boone High School in 1970. He received his Bachelor of Science in biology at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. He attended Emory University for his dental degree. Then he performed his Dental General Practice Residency at the Medical College of Virginia/VA Hospital in Richmond, Virginia, and he finished his residency in 1980. He has four children – Jack, Wesley, Carter, and Ruth, and seven grandchildren aged 3-17 years old.

Dr. Edwards’ office places a strong emphasis on maintaining good periodontal health and preventative dentistry. The connection between the mouth and the rest of the body is becoming more evident in the last decade. He strives to achieve good oral health for his patients to optimize the health of the rest of the body. Due to this strong correlation, he introduced digital radiography and state of the art 3-D scan technology last fall, so that he could provide earlier detection and diagnosis to his patients.

For all of his professional attributes, Dr. Edwards is also well-known for his lighthearted personality. If you happen to visit the office and hear laughter in the next treatment room, don’t be alarmed; it’s just Dr. Edwards trading jokes with a patient.