Board Certified Optometric Physician

My name is Dr. Sokonviset Uong. I was born in Cambodia. My family and I came to the United States as refugees. While most kids spent their first ten years focusing on education, I tried to do whatever I can to help my family survive the horrific civil war.  We came to the United States in 1982 with the help from our sponsors. I started school at about 10 years old without knowing any English, not even the alphabet. I was struggling in school for three to four years. I didn’t get to enjoy my summer because I had to go to summer school three consecutive years. I didn’t excel until I started eighth grade. School started to get easier so it allowed me time to do things that I was really passionate about such as joining the soccer and academic team. 

My parents always made an appointment for me to see the eye doctor every year. I got more and more fascinated about the eyes every time I talk to my optometrist.  From there on I set my mind to become an optometrist. I went on to get my bachelor degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Afterwards, I got accepted to Nova Southeastern University for my optometry school. With lots of dedication and perseverance, I graduated and received my doctor of optometry degree in 2001.

I started working commercially after graduation so I can pay my student loans. After 6 years of commercial practice, I didn’t feel like I was utilizing the best of my knowledge to help my patients.  In late 2007, I decided to take a risk in opening up my own practice. I started out cold and had to work really hard to maintain the practice. 

As doctor, owner, and president of Uong Eye Care, my number one priority is to help all my patients solve their problems and improve their daily activities