Pediatric Surgery, PA

Mark Chaet, MD  has been a practicing pediatric surgeon in Central Florida since 1997.  His practice, Pediatric Surgery, PA prides itself on unparalleled patient care and uses the latest in medical technology and continuing education.

This highly respected pediatric surgeon is a Diplomat of the American Board of Surgery, and holds a certificate of special confidence in pediatric surgery.  Dr. Chaet grew up in Pensacola Florida, attending Emory University School of Medicine.  He completed his general surgery training at the University of South Florida,  clinical fellowship at Riley Children’s Hospital, Indiana University, and  research fellowship at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Dr. Chaet proudly served in the US Army as a surgeon for over 16 years parting, as Lt Colonel. He introduced minimally invasive pediatric general surgery to Central Florida and founded the first Minimally Invasive General Surgery Fellowship in the area.

He has cared for thousands of our community’s families with compassion and expertise in pediatric surgery.  He is a well recognized community member who has been active on hospital boards as well as the Darrell Armstrong Foundation for Premature Babies and the JCC  of Greater Orlando Board of Directors.

Dr. Chaet was instrumental in forming Kids Docs, an association comprised of Florida’s most respected pediatric subspecialists – those who care for the special medical and surgical needs of children.

In 2015 Dr. Chaet co-founded the Integrated Independent Physicians Network (IPN) to provide resources and tools for independent physicians to survive and thrive in our ever changing healthcare environment.  He  states “With a national trend of physicians becoming employees, we sought to optimize the potential of those who chose the independent path”.

He believes that the DNA of the independent physician model is all about the physician/patient relationship and doesn’t see a reason to shift that focus.  From the beginning, he saw IPN as a means for physician support to allow them to better meet the needs of patients.

“IPN has had great success working with the payers on value-based and shared savings programs.  Our physicians practice high quality medicine and utilize a network of outpatient facilities.  Through the judicious use of these independently-owned, high-quality entities, IPN physicians have demonstrated that healthcare delivery can be both top box in medical outcomes and patient satisfaction while being economically sound,” he said.

Dr. Chaet recognized what the commercial payers have known for decades that when a group of physicians get together with a plan, the insurance companies “win”.  Now physicians and patients can benefit from the winning formula as well.

“The costs of medical care have steadily grown while the quality has been stagnant.  The network that our physicians have built is designed to improve patient care and outcomes, while avoiding unnecessary emergency room or hospital visits.  Our outpatient ancillary care facilities and urgent care centers direct those who need hospital level acuity of care to the hospitals, while keeping the remainder, and majority, of patients under the care of their own physicians”, he emphasized.

Mark Chaet reminds us that the entire system of healthcare in the U.S. depends on well-trained and dedicated caregivers.

“Decades of experience supports the notion that opportunities for these individuals should include both hospital-based jobs and independent practice.  The media has made a big deal about how being the most expensive healthcare system in the world hasn’t made us the best in the world.  I firmly believe that U.S. medical care is the best in the world – and we have the tools to make it more economically sound.  Organizations such as IPN are poised to do just that.”

Under Dr. Chaet’s leadership, the IPN organization has successfully implemented value-based programs with many commercial and Medicare payers.  IPN continues to grow and expand their services, and will introduce early 2021, Alliance Health, a direct-to-employer health benefits program for small to medium sized employers in its 12 county service area.  Dr. Chaet believes that by providing an alternative to high-cost care, independent physicians and independent ancillary providers can impact both overall healthcare costs and patient out-of-pocket costs.

To learn more about Dr. Chaet go to or contact his office at 407-228-4774. To contact IPN, please email or review its website at

Dr. Chaet, and the Integrated Independent Physicians Network (IPN), encourages all independent physicians and ancillary services to join IPN in 2021!