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Mana Spine

Offering his professional commitment and faith in operating skills as a bridge for patients suffering from back pain has always been a driving force for Dr. Avi Bhandary. Building that bridge began in 2015 with the purpose of giving patients suffering from pain the opportunity to reach the future they hoped for. Tasked with curating the space to practice a brand of medicine that best represents the needs of patients today. Dr. Bhandary embraced the word Mana, derived from Polynesian culture, Mana described an energy that permeates the universe. Embracing that energy, Mana Spine was developed with the enduring capacity required to establish your own brand of exceptionalism.

In healthcare, pressure and urgency are required to make great choices. Solo physician medical practices were vanishing from the free market at a historic pace long before 2015. Those seeking spine care were met with more information and engaging marketing but found themselves with less options and the same outcomes.  In the medical profession, patients and Spine specialists work together in avoiding the consequential choices of the past, chronic opioid therapy, invasive spine surgeries or both. Dr. Bhandary believes the biggest choice facing patients and physicians in today’s market is the  actual system in which care is provided. In creating Mana Spine, Dr. Bhandary saw an opportunity to confront the challenges posed by the system and restore the patient-doctor relationship.

In 2016, a simple meeting with renowned Endoscopic Spine Surgeon, Dr. Marion McMillan was followed by a momentous friendship. Dr. Bhandary has been traveling to Synergy Spine Center in Seneca, South Carolina, and training under Dr. McMillan since 2017.  The two physicians developed a medical patent focused on a system for visualization of surgical images for the purpose of provider and patient education.  As time passes, the free market for independent physicians continues to fade. The institutionalization of patient care by larger competitors has led surgical outcomes and free-market competition to stagnate while healthcare costs predictably skyrocketed. Simultaneously, innovative spine treatment options emerged onto the medical scene and brought Dr. Bhandary’s vision into focus.

“Through the diagnostic accuracy of Interventional Pain procedures and motion sparing nature of Endoscopic Spine surgery, along with Basivertebral nerve ablation, options for spine care are the best they have been, and the future is bright. Mana Spine needed to represent the possibility of the moment and the future of what patient’s need from their physicians and these words tell that story.” – Avi Bhandary, MD

This year, through a partnership with the premier brand of direct care, Dr. Bhandary hopes to expand patient coverage to Spine specialists and provide broader access to innovative spine treatment options far beyond the City Beautiful. Primarily operating out of Orlando, Dr. Bhandary continues to build an Endoscopic Spine program at Mana Spine. Treatment options that target different pain generators within the spine without having to restructure the spine is his primary focus. More information on Dr. Avi Bhandary and Mana Spine can be found at www.manaspine.com