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At Stoneybrook Dental we specialize in CARE with state-of-the-art dentistry utilizing CEREC® one-visit, same-day ceramic crowns, bridges and veneers; removable dentures; Invisalign® and Sure Smile®, clear braces; Myobrace® therapy; soft-tissue laser; digital 3D cone beam radiography and dental implants. We CARE by providing a relaxed, positive atmosphere with inspiring sounds, aromatherapy, massage dental chairs, monitors in the ceiling and nitrous oxide upon request. Dr. Wardlaw and Associates believe in painless dentistry focused on education and prevention. We are a comprehensive dental practice treating all ranges of General and Cosmetic Dentistry for all ages. We practice from a holistic approach with a concentration on oral-systemic connections because we believe in treating the mind, body and soul.


She treats people, not just teeth. She asks questions and listens because she CARES. She has a God-inspired dental practice, which means ethics and positivity are not in question. Dr. Wendi is a forever student, teacher, mentor and coach. As her mentor, John Maxwell teaches; “When you live to learn, you will learn to live.” She believes in being a Life Conduit® through personal empowerment for an Inspired Purpose®.


Your mouth is systemically connected to the rest of your body. You can’t be healthy without a healthy head. In the US, heart disease will take more lives than all cancers combined. (1) Did you know those with coronary heart disease have an increased risk of death for every tooth lost?(2)

Periodontal Disease is the loss of the structures (bone and tissues) that support our teeth. This disease  is directly linked to artery inflammation making one twice as likely to develop heart disease. (3)  The CDC states nearly half of adult Americans have Periodontitis, the most severe form of Periodontal disease. (4) This type is also linked to cancers, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Respiratory disease and pregnancy problems. (5) Why is this important? Because 80% of adults over 35 years old,  which is most likely the reader of this article, have some form of Periodontal Disease? (6) We must be aware so we can take action.

We cannot separate our mouths from the rest of our body, It’s the largest access; it’s the door. Just like a nitroglycerin tab placed under the tongue can stop a heart attack, why couldn’t oral bacteria enter the bloodstream through the same pathway?

Research shows that 120 diseases can be diagnosed in the mouth and that 90% of systemic disease have an oral footprint? Yes, systemic disease will show up in the mouth. Dentistry is about more than just our teeth; it’s our health which is why, “A Healthy Mouth IS a Healthy You®”


Dr. Wardlaw is a missionary of 16 years who serves in the ministry of dentistry both in Central Florida and abroad. She serves in Nigeria, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Albania, Ghana, Jamaica, Mexico and Haiti through her 501c3, www.InspiredPurpose.Org  Focusing on systemic connections abroad means removing the infected tooth in a pregnant mommy’s mouth. This helps the baby stay full term, decreasing infant mortality from low birth weight babies due to oral bacteria. She understands, where much is given, much is required, and it is indeed blessed to be a blessing.

Dr. Wendi Wardlaw is also a  co-author of a best-selling book, Women Who Impact, and a dental correspondent heard internationally as DrWendiDDS, “A Healthy Mouth is a Healthy You®” She is walking out the call to serve and grow in this new decade, 2020.


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If you want to learn more about oral/systemic connections, look out for the Surgeons General Report 2020 coming soon. Be Healthy and Be Blessed!