Wiewiora & Dunn Orthodontics

Dr. Cara Wiewiora grew up in Central Florida. She went to Lake Mary High School and the University of Florida for her undergraduate and dental education. After dental school, she went to Louisiana State University for her orthodontic residency. Dr. Wiewiora practiced as an associate doctor for a few years before she decided to purchase the practice where she received her orthodontic treatment as a child. Dr. Richard Dunn was her orthodontist growing up and he inspired her to become an orthodontist herself. Almost 20 years later, they are now colleagues and work alongside each other. They both make patient care their priority and they love creating confident smiles.

Dr. Wiewiora has said, “patients that come to Wiewiora and Dunn Orthodontics expect a high level of care. My staff and I are dedicated to listen to your concerns and give you the smile of your dreams. It’s a special journey and I love being a part of it.”

Dr. Dunn has been practicing orthodontics in the Central Florida area for over 40 years. He has put braces on generations of families. He also grew up here in Central Florida and attended Bishop Moore High School where he is still an active part of the alumni association. He collaborates with Dr. Wiewiora on each patient’s treatment plan. Between Dr. Wiewiora’s knowledge of technology, like digital scanning, 3D x-rays and clear aligners (Invisalign), and Dr. Dunn’s clinical and practice management experience, our practice is perfectly balanced.

At Wiewiora and Dunn Orthodontics our clinical philosophy is to first to pay attention to the patient’s or parent’s concerns. From there we take a variety of records and x-rays to see if treatment is necessary during a free consultation appointment. There are few orthodontists that have a 3D x-ray unit, but Wiewiora and Dunn Orthodontics has one for advanced cases. We monitor our younger patients starting at 7 years old just in case early intervention is required for proper growth and/or eruption. It is also never too late to get the smile you have always wanted. We have had patients in braces and Invisalign well into their 70’s!

We have two locations – One in Altamonte Springs/Longwood, off State Road 434 and one in Lake Mary off Rinehart Road. The whole office staff travels between the two offices and patients have the choice to make their appointments in either office. Give us a call to get more information. 407-862-1870 www.centralfloridasmiles.com.

2855 W. SR 434, Suite 1011, Longwood, FL 32779 | P: 407-862-1870 www.centralfloridasmiles.com