Do you ever feel like you spend more time sitting in i4 traffic than you spend exercising at the gym? Problem solved! With these easy car workouts and some great music,  you can turn gridlock into a full body workout.


Tightening your glutes is a workout that your passengers will probably not even notice. Try to keep your legs approximately shoulder width apart and squeeze your glutes as tightly as you can. Each squeeze should be about five seconds. Repeat this exercise ten times.


There are a couple of ways to work out your shoulders while just sitting in your car. Shoulder shrugs may make you feel a little ridiculous, but it is a great way to exercise your traps. Simply pull your shoulders up to your neck and told it there for five seconds, and then release. Continue this motion ten times. After, try some shoulder rolls forward and then backward for ten seconds each.


To work out your thighs while in the car, squeeze your legs together as tight as you can, and then release slowly. Make sure to leave just a little bit of tension between your thighs the entire time. Repeat this exercise about ten times.


It is important to constantly stretch your neck because it relieves stress and tension which can lead to a lot of pain. It is also a really simple workout that can be done anywhere. Just lean your head to one side and lightly hold your head there for about 20 seconds. Do the same thing to the other side. Then lean your head forward trying to get your chin to touch your chest. Hold it there for about 20 seconds. Finish this stretch by gently rolling your neck in each direction a few times.


After driving for a long period of time, stretching out your arms is a great way to release tension. Place your hands on the steering wheel and push forward, allowing your arms to extend as much as they can.


Working out your abs is another workout that your passengers probably would not notice you doing. Just tighten your stomach muscles and hold it for about ten seconds. Repeat this for several times. Make sure to breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth.