Orlando Health Physician Associates

Dr. Paramita Ghosh has been serving the Central Florida community with compassionate and quality care services for the past 20 years in Internal Medicine.

She did her medical school back in India and then joined internal medicine residency at Orlando Health in 2003, learning both hospital/ICU and clinical training.  She took her first job at Physician Associates which is now part of Orlando health Medical Group. She is NCQA/National Committee for Quality Assurance, certified for Diabetes, Heart Disease and Stroke Care.

She has also been a huge advocate in preventative medicine especially breast cancer, uterine cancer and colon cancer and works closely with patients who need some handholding in losing weight. She believes that by doing this she can better control other chronic diseases.

She is loved by her patients and was viral on Google reviews often because of the help she renders to her patients. She is loved by her nurses, medical assistants, nurse practitioners and of course her patients. She is well-known for her sense of humor, high-energy, amazing patient experience one-on-one and compassionate care. These virtues have helped her in carving 

her way to receive numerous awards including Americas Top Physician Awards twice, Best Compassionate Care Award from Cornerstone Hospice.

She works closely with the American College of Physicians, American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association and works relentlessly to keep yourself up-to-date in medicine.

She goes by DocNatureLover on social media. Her mission is to promote patient first approach and promote #medicinehealswithlifestylechanges she teaches medicine to medical graduates, physician assistants and nurse practitioners as well.

Antiaging and photoaging are two things that she is also passionate about and has completed numerous courses on antiaging from Esthetic Skin Institute in Miami and Empire Medical Training including Botox, fillers and chemical peels.

Dr. Ghosh is also an avid classical dancer who continues to perform professionally in Indian classical dancing and Bollywood dancing, while working for various charitable organizations.

During COVID outbreak she lost her dad and younger brother. However, she has taken this up as a challenge to fight COVID 19 and is working with long COVID patients to help them as much as possible.

She is also known as a Fashionista by her friends and family.  She enjoys learning new fashion trends.  She enjoys cooking and gardening and loves traveling across the globe with her husband Sam and her beautiful daughter Renessa.  She loves partying with close friends and family.

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