In a culture where we are taught to embrace masculinity, men who pluck their brows aren’t necessarily the most appealing. Society has created a fine line. A man cannot perform “feminine” functions without being judged or misinterpreted. But why should men be judged for keeping up with their personal maintenance?

Personal grooming is important. Aside from appearing clean and presentable for work, hygiene is important to care for every day. The neatness of our appearance says a lot about our character. Even though eyebrow grooming for women means tweezing, shaping, and creating high, dramatic arches, it does not mean men have to endure the same pain. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of trimming or plucking a couple of hairs. Overall, eyebrow maintenance is just as important for men as it is for women. Here we’ve gathered a couple of tips and tricks to make sure your brow game is strong.

1. Tweeze in a Breeze
Purchase a good pair of tweezers and make the job a lot less easier. If you’re not into waxing, just stick to what you’re most comfortable with. Tweezers are excellent at grasping those fine hairs without letting them slide off.

2. Wax and Relax
You don’t always have to tweeze your hairs. Eyebrow waxing is another option that exists for men. It’s faster than tweezing and it provides the hairs with a little definition. It also gets the strands that tweezing often misses. When booking an appointment, make sure to find someone experienced in eyebrow waxing for men.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Thick Eyebrows
Thick eyebrows do not mean bushy and untamed. If you naturally have thick brows, keep them groomed. Large brows balance greatly with other facial features such as large eyes and lips.

4. Trim, Trim, and Trim
Plucking is just as fine as tweezing but don’t leave the job halfway done. Although trimmers don’t shape the outline of your eyebrow, they’re lifesavers at controlling the depth of those hairs. Use this as part of your eyebrow maintenance, especially if you have bushy or straggly hairs.