JC Medical Center

Dr. Gutteridge Jean-Charles completed his residency in Internal Medicine at NYU Downtown Hospital in New York City in June 1998. He remained a family man for the first 10 years of his professional life, selecting to work part-time and dedicate the rest of his time to maintain the perfect work life balance.

He relocated to Orlando, FL in September 2008 and shortly after opened JC Medical, Inc in an underserved area. Two years later due to rapid growth he moved to Orlovista where he is currently providing care to a diverse population including mostly Disney employees and immigrant from South & Central America as well as the Caribbean.

Over the years, he discovered a passion in teaching and started mentoring international medical graduates to improve their success in the match system and get access to residency programs in the US. He started the JCMI program a few years back, and by tapping into the innovative spirit of his young staff, he migrated to the Zoom platform to reach a global audience during the COVID19 pandemic era. 

Dr. Jean-Charles have a big heart and prefer to remain anonymous in most of his charitable activities. He founded JC Medical Foundation as the philanthropic arm of his charitable givings and have reached hearts in Haiti, India, Pakistan. Currently he participates in educational public service activities in a local radio and churches.

Dr. Jean-Charles speaks four languages fluently (English, French, Spanish, Creole) and have working knowledge of two more (German, Portuguese). He plans to reconnect with his DNA roots in Africa (Cameroon, Nigeria, Mozambique, madagascar), Europe (Italy, England, Ireland, Sweden), Southeast Asia (india, Pakistan, Phillipines) and New Zealand. His staff collectively speaks 15 different languages. He is offering Telehealth and is accepting new patients.


453 N. Kirkman Rd #203 Orlando, FL 32811 | P: 407-914-2325 | www.jcmedicalcenters.com